When it comes to investment it is your hard-earned money on risk, Right? Why should you trust us then? Well, if you guys have read The Rich Dad and Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki (the great financial advisor of all times) and you know the rich dad in this story, that’s us. We believe that it is your right to be “RICH”. Here let’s discuss some of the key points from the views of what’s happening nowadays and let’s study the market due to this pandemic situation:


Before we start off talking about money and the market, for all the beginners as well as advanced don’t let yourself get fooled by EMOTIONS RATHER TRY TO STAY AS MUCH LOGICAL AS POSSIBLE. Letting market fluctuations make you do something that you’re going to regret in the future is the worst-case scenario you want to get in now. I know some of you will have bought stocks when the market was high up in January and lost a lot of money and you are thinking, “Man, I want to turn my luck 360 degrees playing Russian Roulette in this pandemic with all my money”. It isn’t a get rich quick scheme that you’ll be earning millions tomorrow.

Warren Buffet said-“The market transfers great profits to those who are patient and fuck those who are impatient.” Keeping that in mind lets start now.


As real estate topic is a very vast topic and varies upon the place, time, condition, etc. We will discuss very broadly about the plus points as well as negatives.


  1. People need a home to live, right? So, whether this outbreak lasts or stays, the need for houses will always be there. In our opinion, there seems no sudden crash in real estate properties.
  2. The mortgage rates might crash up to 30 percent according to FRED ECONOMICS.
  3. It’s for sure that the market prices of some great houses will come down. Forex- Let’s say 10 people are interested to buy the property. 5 people changed their minds due to this recession and they wanted to save their money, the remaining 5 will have high chances of negotiating as there is less demand.



  1. People buying houses virtually on the internet might not know about the downsides of the house (like water leakage, distressed paints etc., you got the idea). Don’t buy houses through facetiming and predict that you saved a lot.
  2. Know that almost 13% of the whole world is unemployed right now if we do basic maths that’s 97million people approximately. So don’t buy on debts that you can never pay (interest rate on loans have reached 20 percent).
  1. As recently, it has become difficult to pay a mortgage because the government is allowing only those individuals who have a credit score of a minimum of 700. Forex- if you have credit score 650 and you wanted to buy a house in January, you would have been most welcomed in every bank but now? Different Story.
  2. Travel industries (Tourism) which consist of seven stars luxury hotels, resorts, AIR BNBS, or vacation places are going to collapse due to lockdowns.


You will be thinking, ”wtf, is he mad”? No, I’m not. If you see the stock market, you’ll know why TATA MOTORS is still holding quite a good position. It’s not because everyone now wanted to buy cars rather the reason is the lowest interest rates and 0% APR rates are attracting more and more customers. Just do your homework, search for the best dealers and you can get a great deal out of it.


Here let’s talk about the stocks which will be great to invest and which will be great for day trading.


The best stock in the market which is the “SAFEST” for long term investing is NIFTY50. Why you say? Well, Let me explain. When you buy stocks of NIFTY, you are directly investing on the top 50 companies of the world and the stocks bought are proportional to the rank they hold (more investing in rank 1 company than rank 50) which makes sure that you have 93% probability of getting a higher profit in the coming year. Still, have some doubts? Let me give an example- If you spend 132 USD (10k INR) in NIFTY50, most of it will be used buying stocks from RANK-1 company for say, 71 USD (5k INR), 30 USD in RANK-2 company and so on.

It is your best bet while you consider long term investing as it serves approximately 14% profits in the future. If you want security and less volatility this is something you should consider.


After analyzing the market for a month in this time of the epidemic, we see huge fluctuations in the market. I want you to know that I will never want you to lose your hard-earned money, so I know what I’m talking about. Listen to me very carefully, because if you miss and scroll through to see what are the important stocks and leave. YOU WILL FUCK UP!

For day trading, you are using the money for which you have no guarantee of results, Right? If you have none of your chores covered and you want results by putting all your savings into these stocks you might get rich as fuck, on the other hand, you might destroy yourself.


The stock prices of banks will continue rising until this epidemic comes to a cure, WHY? Because people need money for survival and banks provide them. In this vulnerable time banks are offering money, no doubt. What’s the difference then? Well it’s the interest rate that sucks (high up to 30%)


Everyone is at home now, Right? And we need electricity for all our household purposes.

STOCKS-3 : TCS/Consulting companies

People are becoming aware of the stock market thing right now, because of being stuck up in homes and receiving ads all day of Binomo or Olymp Trade. So they want some consultancy for where they should invest. So these stocks are quite up now.