Do you ever dream of making money by playing games?  Most of us do, isn’t it? But we lack in getting genuine gaming applications that add money in our wallet. We do install a lot of them in the hope of eating a pizza before going to bed but we fail because of scams. But what if I say some apps really generate money daily?

Here I am going to discuss 3 gaming android applications that genuinely add money to your Paytm wallet. Therefore, if you really want to earn Paytm cash then consider any of these apps mentioned below and start earning today.



Rozdhan, you might have heard about this app or might have seen it as an Ad playing before watching your favorite YouTuber’s video.  This is India’s one of the best money earning application available on the play store right now as it pays you for reading news, stories and playing games. Trust me you can instantly earn Rs 50 just after signing in.

Let me tell you how?

First install this application from the play store and sign up for an account. You will be having 3 options to sign up (Phone number, Google Sign Up, Facebook Sign Up) chose anyone and continue.

After getting in look for a text called Earn Money on the bottom bar and tap on it. Here is the page where you can instantly add Rs 50 in your wallet. In this page, there will be two tasks for you to complete,  at first, you have to enter an invite code to get Rs 25 (Here is Roz Dhan‘s Invite code OCK1TY) Use this code and you will see Rs 25 will get added to your wallet. What about another 25? Well for this you don’t have to do anything Rozdhan app will add Rs 25 in your wallet as a welcome gift.

So, congrats you made your first 50 Rupees. But wait what are the other ways of adding more to the wallet? Guys believe me there are tons of other tasks for which you can earn coins. What are coins now? There are a few tasks that make money instantly in your wallet but some tasks give us coins that are then converted into real cash after midnight. Other than these tasks you can read new and play games to collect these coins and can make Rs 40 to 50 /day i.e Rs 1500/month.


As every application has a withdrawal limit Roz Dhan app allows you to withdraw when you reach an amount of Rs 200. Once you have reached this threshold then you can follow these steps : –

  • Open Roz Dhan Application
  • Click on the ME button in the right below a corner.
  • Then check your wallet for withdrawal money.
  • If it’s greater than Rs 200 then
  • Enter your Paytm number and send a request to withdraw.


Making money on Real Cash games is pretty easy. There are lots of simple games that generate coins after playing it. You can try new games in your free time and collect these coins. How to use these coins? You can use these coins to buy Paytm cash. See this screenshot below for price list.

Select Store from the side tab to view price list.


  • 1350 coins – 2000 Rs Paytm Cash
  • 1130 coins – 500 Rs Paytm Cash
  • 1050 coins – 200 Rs Paytm Cash
  • 980 coins – 100 Rs Paytm Cash
  • 950 coins – 50 Rs Paytm Cash
  • 899 coins – 20 Rs Paytm Cash
  • 830 coins – 10 Rs Paytm Cash

Note: Price fluctuates in every 24 hours.

Other than playing you can refer and earn.


Funnearn app is an app where you need to play games and earn money in your Paytm cash. The Funnearn app is the only app which allows the players to compete with other players with the same skill level, and give them a fair chance to win. So, let us check out all the details of the Funnearn app and earn money.

As you have installed the app,


  • Open the downloaded app on your device.
  • Click on Sign Up.
  • Enter your name and mobile number.
  • Click on Sign Up.
  • Verify your number with OTP.
  • Allow permission.
  • Your app is ready.
  • You can play one game as a trial.


As this is a gaming app, you need to play some games and win cash. So check out how to play games and earn money.

  1. Open the Funnearn app
  2. You can play 1 on 1
  3. You can select Play carnivals or Play Bumper

Carnivals have games in which you need to first pay money and then play the game and win some amount of cash.

The bumper has some tournaments which you need to join and then play.

In this app, there are two options to play games and win. The first is Carnivals and the other is the Bumper.


In carnivals, you need to pay fees of Rs.10, Rs.7, Rs. 5 and then you can win the prize money. Just open the carnivals option from the homepage and choose any game like Piano tiles, Choose the matching color, and so much more. There you will also see the fees for the game, the winning prize, winners, and participants.


The Bumper is like a tournament. If you want to join then click on Play Bumper from the homepage, then click on join. The tournament ends in some time which is mentioned there.


As you will deposit money to play games, you will earn real cash. To withdraw that money, follow the steps.

  • Click on Wallet option
  • Tap on Withdraw
  • Enter the amount and click on Transfer.